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See my homepage. I can be contacted over email (anarcat@ this domain) or on irc.freenode.net as anarcat.

IP allocations

Those are all the machines I manage, by IP address.

Exhaustive allocation

0 angela fd64:2c08:9fa7:1::2/64 ec:55:f9:c5:f2:55
1 koumbit-outremont Not yet 00:27:22:8a:cb:c4
2 westernblock fd64:2c08:9fa7:2::/64 DC:9F:DB:06:D5:BE
3 atlas fd64:2c08:9fa7:3::/64 DC:9F:DB:07:EC:E7
4 plantpeople fd64:2c08:9fa7:1::4/64 - should be /128 DC:9F:DB:1:13:56
5 batiment7 00:15:6D:A9:C7:84

See numbering for a more complete listing of nodes.

Current allocation

In other words, current allocation plan:

IPv6 function host
:0::1/128 routeur roadkiller
:0::2/64 relai boulette
:1::2/64 laptop angela
:1::3/128 AP plastik
:1::4/64 ? plantpeople
:2::/64 relai/AP? easternblock
:3::/64 relai/AP? atlas

Problems with the above:

  • wtf?
  • relai shouldn't have a /64 but a /128 in a magic subnet reserved for that purpose (/64?)
  • laptop should either get an ip in a /64 from a router or be a /128 in the above subnet
  • AP should have a /64 to redistribute
  • plantpeople overlaps with the other /64

Fixed up allocation plan

IPv6 function host
:0::1/128 routeur roadkiller (no change, announces 2001:1928:1:9::/64 to the mesh for its LAN)
:0::2/128 relai boulette (change prefix from /64 to /128)
:X::/64 AP plastik (new /64 to allocate, :0::3/128 on mesh interface if necessary)
:0::42/128 mobile angela (laptop, switch to /128, change subnet to :0::)
:1::/64 AP? plantpeople (change IP, keep /64 to avoid having to go there just now)
:2::/64 AP? easternblock (no change)
:3::/64 AP? atlas (no change)

My nodes

Here is the list of nodes I operate.

Operational nodes

Planned nodes

Nodes in maintenance


  • make the mesh work in my home (./) done with ?carton
  • fix IPv4 allocation to use (./) done, see ip
  • test IPv6 autoconfiguration (./) done
  • setup a DHCP server and regular ad-hoc mode on ?carton (./) done!! i now use the mesh for my wifi access!
  • test ipv6 announcements [!] somehow this doesn't work as expected:
    • the /48 announcement was creating havoc: [28187.091405] IPv6 addrconf: prefix with wrong length 48
    • only the link-local prefix route gets added to the table, that's kind of weird
    • the packets don't actually go through to marcos
  • so next step: olsrd to propagate those routes between routers.
  • merge DMZ and mesh zones in ?roadkiller
  • configure second linksys router to join the mesh
  • install ganglia? or ?monitoring?
  • aggregate node parameters in a table automatically (todo/internal definition list support/)


(!) Power can apparently be pushed up to 84mW (20dBm), see seattlewireless.

old battle plan

This was the battle plan to configure the OLSR routing and setup on the roof, but it was short-circuited during the 2012-04-06-antenna-party.

Phase I: local tests

  1. setup ad-hoc mode between the laptop, the linksys and the n900
  2. (./) setup olsrd between the nodes (OpenWRT and wired laptop configured)
  3. hookup the linksys to roadkill.anarcat.ath.cx, setup vpn gateways for outgoing?
  4. think about system-wide numbering policy (and ipv6? - see http://wiki.freifunk.net/6mesh.freifunk.net for this)
  5. think about ?dns within the mesh
  1. make panorama of roof
  2. test opennet's firmware (for ubiquity devices)
  3. setup local test environment with martn with two antennas
  4. setup link between the two places
  5. at this point, network topology should be clear and documented