Cette page documente le wiki lui-même.


We have extensive maintenance documentation on how this wiki works and is configured.

This wiki is powered by ikiwiki version 3.20200202.3-1.


Ce wiki est bilingue - le contenu peut être soit en français, soit en anglais selon l'auteur ou les circonstances (e.g. beaucoup de documentation technique est souvent en anglais).

This wiki is bilingual - the content can be in english or in french depending on the author or the circumstances (e.g. a lot of technical documentation is often in english).

Voir traduction pour les détails.


All wikis are supposed to have a SandBox, so this one does too.


This wiki is designed to be distributed (as in: no single point of failure!) and redundant (as in: multiple copies) so you should be able to clone it and edit it offline if you need to.

In short, you can clone and push this wiki through git using this:

git clone git://wiki.reseaulibre.ca/
git push

Pour une copie plus rapide, utilisez:

git clone git://git.koumbit.net/reseaulibre.git

See mirrors for the complete list of mirrors.

See Replication for more information.

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