Todo list of things to figure out with libremap before we can formally recommend it to Réseau libre:

  • ✔ How to create links between routers? (must set an 'alias', then define 'links')
  • ✔ Export data from the wiki:
  • Have a user-friendly way to add new routers to the map (long/lat position)
    • todo: have a way to position a node using (inconvenient: no authentication, open to vandalism.. but maybe we can solve that later, when vandalism does occur)
    • todo: use libremap-openwrt-agent, which includes a UI for submitting information to the map using the API. However, not everyone has LUCI on their nodes, and some nodes are not using openwrt (ex: Debian or AirOS). It does, however, fix the typical use-case, and more particularly, for those joining the project.
  • Have a user-friendly way to include a mini-map on the relay page.
    • main map: iframe?
    • individual node: we could include a default iframe with, for example: "", which would then redirect to the correct boundaries for a node?
  • Have a link from the map to the node page (there is an "attribute" in the JSON popup, and the URL is imported during the conversion with ikimaptolibremap).

Other things that we do not currently have, but would be nice:

  • Have a filter for 'servers'? (to find services)
  • Filters: there is an option to show only APs, but not:
    • show only routers
    • show only "up/planned/potential" routers

Candy on top:

  • custom icons, based on status
  • move all node metadata in there so we don't need the nodes/ directory anymore (other than for node-specific documentation, like configuration backups - and even those could be stored in couchdb...)
  • integration with: (ex:, & c.f.