We have created custom firmware images based on OpenWRT attitude adjustment. The aim of this firmware is to simplify the installation of the required configuration to join our network (ex: by installing by default packages such as kmod-ipv6 and babel, and configuring IPv6 automatically).


This page needs an update. We have adopted the Commotion firmware.


You may find the latest Réseau libre firmware here: http://www.bidon.ca/rlbuild/ar71xx/

As of this writing, the firmware is built against Attitude Adjustment.

Building the firmware

See this guide for how to compile or participate in the development of the Reseau libre OpenWRT-based firmware images.

Support & contact

It is in development and currently not the default recommended firmware.

If you want to contribute, please join us in the #reseaulibre Freenode.net IRC channel.

The firmware is managed by Geneviève (tahini).

DEPRECATED: Package "base" vs "mesh"

  • base: relates to the configuration of OpenWRT for reseaulibre specific's needs. Insures that all prerequisite packages are installed
  • mesh: extra software and scripts specifically for the mesh functionality.

More documentation on the content of these packages here

DEPRECATED: Extra packages

After flashing your device, if you need to install additional packages, you may need to modify your /etc/opkg.conf to use openwrt.org's package repository.

For example, for the ar71xx architecture, use: