You may have noticed that some commands, such as babelstatus, display MAC addresses, and tried to match these adresses to your network interfaces. Do no more! You can use our ethers file to let these tools display nice, user-friendly names that will make it easier to lookup the corresponding entry in the nodes database.

Here's a list of suggested MAC address to hostname translations. This can be added directly to your /etc/ethers. It is generated automatically from the MAC address located in the node details page of a node.

(mac address here) Chuck
(mac address here) passiongeek
(mac address here) droidnest
(mac address here) garry
(mac address here) pepsicoman 2
(mac address here)
(mac address here) hobbit
(mac address here) bassnode
(mac address here) blackstone
(mac address here) whitman
(mac address here) mlhamel
(mac address here) kafei
(mac address here) moxx
(mac address here) symbion/univers
(mac address here) Atmos01
(mac address here) Pepsicoman 
(mac address here) k23
(mac address here) Netwalker
(mac address here) rayne
(mac address here) tulip
(mac address here) angevin
(mac address here) TREADSTONE
(mac address here) louis
(mac address here) keystone
(mac address here) marche 26
(mac address here) btcmbc
(mac address here) cryptoqc1
(mac address here) Slynet-01
(mac address here) Martna
(mac address here) j4vL4nd
(mac address here) Netwalker's node2
(mac address here) pepto
(mac address here) skaor
(mac address here) leopard
(mac address here) 45.528480, -73.556190
(mac address here) potato-ninja
(mac address here) helvetiae
(mac address here) va2dui-rl
(mac address here) Canal de Nydus
(mac address here) BirdNet
(mac address here) ndg-bullet
(mac address here) bassnode2
(mac address here) appart
(mac address here) nordic
(mac address here) chipee
(mac address here) scientist-other1
(mac address here) casgrain-gounod
(mac address here) purplehouse
(mac address here) cesa
00:00:00:00:00:00 lethon
00:00:00:00:00:00 ouaibe
00:0c:41:14:e0:8f leon
00:0c:f1:4e:ed:e2 elecnix-salon
00:12:17:d9:0f:7b scientist-poly
00:12:17:d9:0f:7b scientist-jardin
00:15:6D:3C:01:B9 besik
00:15:6D:A9:C7:84 batiment7
00:15:6D:F8:5C:9B clarence
00:15:6d:fc:be:90 rayuela
00:1f:d0:5b:b9:0f scientist-tolkien
00:24:01:BD:38:99 abidbol01
00:24:d7:73:ac:70 scientist-atwood
00:27:22:2E:BC:13 Grace
00:27:22:2E:BC:31 benoitg
00:27:22:2E:BC:37 jojo
00:27:22:2E:BD:0C BlauEintopf-relais
00:27:22:2e:bd:3d theodore
00:27:22:72:CF:9F scientist
00:27:22:8a:cb:c4 koumbit-outremont
00:27:23:2F:BD:14 Slynet-00
00:90:4C:A1:00:2D stupot
00:B0:C0:01:8B:34 bococom1
00:B0:C0:02:1A:9F lacou-ap
00:B0:C0:02:1C:53 quai21
00:B0:C0:02:1D:1F btm
00:B0:C0:02:1D:3F oeuf
00:B0:C0:02:39:5C sl7205
00:e0:4c:20:57:ca turboserver
02:CA:FF:EE:BE:EF BlauEintopf
24:a4:3c:79:0b:d5 elecnix
26:A4:3C:78:0C:F7 pomme
54:e6:fc:b9:c1:d9 clockwork
64:70:02:F9:0A:E4 clelibr
68:72:51:0C:76:12 gigsim
DC:9F:DB:00:12:D3 lacou
DC:9F:DB:00:13:76 bb
DC:9F:DB:00:13:7C Coop Sur Genereux
DC:9F:DB:01:11:89 ticoune
DC:9F:DB:01:12:57 guilbault
DC:9F:DB:04:90:F2 R-agile
DC:9F:DB:06:D4:DA beastly
DC:9F:DB:06:D5:A9 goof
DC:9F:DB:06:D5:BE westernblock
DC:9F:DB:07:D0:79 imusee
DC:9F:DB:07:EC:E7 atlas
DC:9F:DB:0A:59:2B tarator
DC:9F:DB:1:13:56 plantpeople
DE:9F:DB:06:D4:CD (relais) et DC:9F:DB:07:D4:CD (acces) chateau-iberville
EC:88:8F:C6:3E:38 bibitte
EC:88:8F:C6:41:B4 princesse
F4:EC:38:E2:F7:74 coopgenereux-ap
N/A nelson
TBD angeli
TBD redwine
dc:9f:db:00:11:dc rogatien
dc:9f:db:00:13:24 topo
dc:9f:db:01:13:32 dc:9f:db:00:13:5b DELTA100
dc:9f:db:06:d4:cd turbopowerpunch
ec:55:f9:c5:f2:55 angela

00:13:10:1b:6d:dd linksys-pierre
00:1C:10:22:02:AE carton
00:25:9c:5e:44:59 linksys-grace
00:b0:c0:02:39:5c elecnix-sl7205
e8:9a:8f:6e:0f:60 angela-eth0
00:15:6d:db:d3:65 boulette-eth
dc:9f:db:01:12:d3 lacou-eth0
00:b0:c0:02:1a:9f bococom-lacou
dc:9f:db:01:11:dc rogatien-eth
00:15:6d:f9:5c:9b clarence-eth
00:27:22:2f:bd:3d theodore-eth

PS: note that some old nodes are still hardcoded here. Please add your MAC address to your node page in this wiki.