Project page:

"The agent gathers information about your router and sends it to a LibreMap server."


You can get pre-compiled packages for the ar71xx architecture on OpenWRT Attitude Adjusment 12.09 from:

Or add the following to your /etc/opkg.conf:

src reseaulibre

You can then install with:

opkg install libremap-agent luci-lib-libremap luci-lib-libremap-contact luci-lib-libremap-location luci-lib-libremap-system


Configurations are in:


Note that libremap-agent automatically adds a cron in /etc/crontabs/root

43 * * * *        /usr/sbin/libremap-agent

(hopefully the minute at which it is run is randomly chosen)

Babel support plugin

tahini started work on a libremap babel plugin here

Hopefully we'll be able to generate links from this data, just like the olsr plugin does.